Thursday, March 6

Finally something

It seems that writing blog entries in two languages takes too much time. Not that it would really. But it just feels like a marathon, writing the same stuff twice. So, I'll try to manage a comeback to the blogging world, using only English for now. At some point I might get bilingual again, partly at least. But this post is just a quick one, mostly to remind myself of the existence of this blog. So that's it.

But wait. I've almost finished a pair of vintagish (if-it's-not-a-word-I'll-make-it-one!) gloves. Quite a nice pair, actually. So I thought I'd share the pattern with you guys. The pattern is basically written already, but I don't have any photos to go with it yet, and I still have to weave in some twenty loose ends... (that's the worst thing about knitting gloves, in my opinion).

Here's a photo of something I made for Christmas (that's our front door):

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Marinella said...

Ja tämä sitten varastettiin viime joulukuussa... :/