Sunday, April 22

Sukkia - Socks

Tällaiset sukat neuloin isälle syntymäpäivälahjaksi. Lankana Step, bambupuikot 2,5mm, apuna Charlene Schurchin Sensational Knitted Socks -kirja. Alla kuvia ensimmäisestä SixSox-projektistani, Horcrux Socks, malli Susan Pierce Lawrence. Lanka Silja Strömpegarn, näissäkin 2,5mm bambut.

I knitted socks as a birthday present for my father. The yarn is Austermann Step, I used 2,5mm bamboo needles and the book Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. Below are photos of my first SixSox project, Horcrux Socks, pattern by Susan Pierce Lawrence. The yarn is Silja Strompegarn, knitted with 2,5mm bamboo needles.


susan said...

I love the socks. Beautiful color.

Macoco said...

The socks you knit for your dad are so cute - I really like that length. I was thinking this weekend that I should knit some ankle socks to wear with my clogs in the spring/summer.

Macoco said...

Hi it's me again, I didn't have your email so I couldn't respond directly to your comment. The yarn contains aloe vera and jojoba oil! That is amazing. I had no idea that there were such things. They sound luxurious!