Tuesday, June 9

Spinning, finally

Look at this cute ball of Lana d'Irlanda! It looks like it could be mimicked - perhaps a nice pattern for a hat... the blanket under the skein has some lovely sheep on it. Actually, it isn't in the picture on purpose :D it's just almost always on the sofa.

Some spinning, then. First, three little skeins made from the Phat Fiber March Box samples - see the linked post for details and links! In the first one, the darker single is the Wild Hare batt, the light one is one of the Tactile samples. I enjoyed spinning both samples! The glittery Angelina in the Wild Hare sample does not show properly in the pic, but it's pretty. And did I say glittery?

This yarn is spun from the Whorling Tides sample in pretty shades of pale pink and blue. I spun it together with some grey wool from my stash (which is very small compared to my yarn stash!). I also spun in a few of the plastic, transparent stars that were in the plastic bag together with the sample. I'd love to spin more of this stuff!

This sample combines the NorthStarAlpacas sample with the candy-coloured one from Feeling Sheepish.

These two pretty little skeins are merino, bought from the owner of Naurava Lammas during the Turku Medieval Fair - was it two years ago? I forget :) The colours remind me of a berry sorbet of some kind - delicious! The fiber was easy to spin. I'm also knitting a shawl using Nauravan Lampaan Silkkivilla (30% silk, 70% wool) - I hope to post pics of the finished item later.

So that was it for now. I hope the new, more logical and hopefully more efficient Blogger interface will let me post more often than I used to... Oh, and I'll probably be starting my K-ing IP (or KIPping? well in theory K-ing IP would be more grammatical but no one puts it like that. sorry, it's the linguist writing) in Käsityö-Elisa (my LYS) on Saturday, so hope to see you there, fellow knitters from Turku.

Have a nice KIP day everyone!

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juuli said...

Some lovely yarn you've got there!