Tuesday, June 23

Waiting for the Finnish summer

While I was waiting for the Finnish summer to begin (this June has been a cold one!), I decided to make more socks. Such a surprise! Below, Glynis by Cookie A. The yarn is Araucania Ranco Solid, which is one of my favourite sock yarns, as I've probably mentioned before. I started these socks on WWKIP day, and they were soon ready. The pattern is easy but interesting enough, and I think it fits well the semi-solid yarn. I used 2,5mm Clover Bamboo needles (as I nowadays usually do, though it would be nice to get sets of 2,25mm and 2,75mm dpns).

And another Cookie pattern, Sunshine. This is Anttila Corallo again - I just love the bluish gray colourway. (and the yarn is cheap, too...) I had to make the leg slightly shorter than what the pattern calls for, because I didn't have enough yardage. The yarn was a bit too thick as well - must try the pattern again with another yarn. I enjoyed knitting both Glynis and Sunshine - logical, easy, but not too simple. Perfect patterns for travelling/TV fiber activity.

These mittens I really love! They're warm! They're pretty! And I decided to call them my Garden Mittens though I never really do gardening.

The base yarn, the grey one, is Gjestal Janne. The flowers, I think, are mainly Gjestal Maija... the lighter purple at least. I used a Drops pattern for the flowers, though I modified it a bit. The mitten pattern is a basic one, and I added the green leaves by crocheting them on in the end. As you can guess, I've also been doing some Fair Isle work... more about that later - still need to weave in the ends on those ones!

My friend has been experimenting with plant dyeing. She used birch leaves to get this lovely shade of yellowish green, and generously gave me a skein for test knitting. The yarn is wool, perhaps 100% (it started as a mystery yarn, white). I think it might be Novita 7 Veljestä (7 Brothers) yarn, or something very much like it. I improvised the pattern, using a cable from 101 stitches to knit (ed. Erika Knight, The Harmony Guides). I don't know yet what happens when I wash these mittens... that's all part of the test! I think the colour is fab, and I hope my friend will continue with her experiments. Though as a botanist, she really knows what she's doing!

A bigger font size, by the way. I thought it would look better with the new template. And as always, more details and links: knittitude @ Ravelry. Next: Turku Medieval Fair, this weekend - hope to see you there!


Mari said...

Nuo harmaat kukin koristellut lapaset ovat aivan ihanat!

Marinella said...

Kiitos! Niitä oli ihan hauska väsätä, luultavasti tulee jatkossakin tehtyä jotain vastaavaa...